calibre inkluderar en inbyggd E-bokvisare som kan visa de flesta e-bokformaten. E-bokvisaren är väldigt anpassningsbar och har många avancerade funktioner.

Starta E-bokvisaren

Du kan visa någon av böckerna i ditt calibre-bibliotek genom att välja boken och trycka på knappen Visa. Detta öppnar boken i E-bokvisaren. Du kan också starta E-bokvisaren själv från Startmenyn i Windows. På macOS kan du fästa den till dockan och starta den därifrån. På Linux kan du använda startprogrammet i skrivbordsmenyerna eller köra kommandot ebook-viewer.

Anpassa utseendet och känslan av din läsupplevelse

You can change font sizes on the fly by using Font size in the viewer controls or Ctrl++ or Ctrl+- or holding the Ctrl key and using the mouse wheel.

Colors can be changed in the Colors section of the viewer preferences.

Du kan ändra antalet sidor som visas på skärmen samt sidmarginaler Sidlayout i visarens inställningar.

You can display custom headers and footers such as time left to read, current chapter title, book position, etc. via the Headers and footers section of the viewer preferences.

More advanced customization can be achieved by the Styles settings. Here you can specify a background image to display under the text and also a stylesheet you can set that will be applied to every book. Using it you can do things like change paragraph styles, text justification, etc. For examples of custom stylesheets used by calibre’s users, see the forums.


You can look up the meaning of words in the current book by opening the Lookup/search panel via the viewer controls. Then simply double click on any word and its definition will be displayed in the lookup panel.

Kopiera text och bilder

You can select text and images by dragging the content with your mouse and then right clicking and selecting ”Copy” to copy to the clipboard. The copied material can be pasted into another application as plain text and images.

Non re-flowable content

Some books have very wide content that content be broken up at page boundaries. For example tables or <pre> tags. In such cases, you should switch the viewer to flow mode by pressing Ctrl+m to read this content. Alternately, you can also add the following CSS to the Styling section of the viewer preferences to force the viewer to break up lines of text in <pre> tags:

code, pre { white-space: pre-wrap }