ebook-viewer [options] file

View an e-book.

Whenever you pass arguments to ebook-viewer that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks. For example: “/some path/with spaces”



Continue reading at the previously opened book


Detach from the controlling terminal, if any (Linux only)

--full-screen, --fullscreen, -f

If specified, viewer window will try to open full screen when started.

--help, -h

show this help message and exit


The position at which to open the specified book. The position is a location you can get by using the Goto action in the viewer controls. Alternately, you can use the form toc:something and it will open at the location of the first Table of Contents entry that contains the string "something".


If specified, viewer window will try to come to the front when started.


show program's version number and exit