web2disk URL

Kus URL on näiteks https://google.com

Alati kui edastad programmile web2disk tühikuid sisaldavaid argumente, ümbritse argumendid jutumärkidega. Näiteks: „/some path/with spaces“


--base-dir, -d

Base folder into which URL is saved. Default is .


Minimum interval in seconds between consecutive fetches. Default is 0 s


Ära laadi alla CSS-laadilehti.


The character encoding for the websites you are trying to download. The default is to try and guess the encoding.


Any link that matches this regular expression will be ignored. This option can be specified multiple times, in which case as long as any regexp matches a link, it will be ignored. By default, no links are ignored. If both filter regexp and match regexp are specified, then filter regexp is applied first.

--help, -h

näita seda veateadet ja välju


Only links that match this regular expression will be followed. This option can be specified multiple times, in which case as long as a link matches any one regexp, it will be followed. By default all links are followed.

--max-files, -n

The maximum number of files to download. This only applies to files from <a href> tags. Default is 9223372036854775807

--max-recursions, -r

Maximum number of levels to recurse i.e. depth of links to follow. Default 1

--timeout, -t

Timeout in seconds to wait for a response from the server. Default: 10.0 s


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